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Looking for another university? UNIVERSALIO is a paid counseling service that can help you apply to top universities around the world. Since 2011, UNIVERSALIO has offered personalized counseling to more than 1300 high school and university students for admission to top universities in countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates.

Why You Should Study Abroad

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Top worldwide educational systems place a lot of emphasis on the employability of their graduates and student performance is their most important performance indicator. Therefore, universities are well equipped and teaching relies mainly on the application of knowledge. 

Personal Development

The application process, the academic experience, communicating in a foreign language with people from all over the world and managing your life in a foreign country will make you a well-rounded and responsible individual.

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As an international student in an international campus you will live memorable academic and life experiences. You will have around you students from all over the world, experiencing different cultures, exploring academic and career opportunities while also having tons of fun!

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Studying abroad in a well-recognized university with academic programmes focusing primarily on practice and relevant industry partnerships will better prepare you to become a successful professional, all this translating into a positive return on your educational investment.

Why Apply with EDMUNDO

Personalized Counseling

Working with an EDMUNDO counsellor will enable you to find the programmes and universities that best match your academic and career objectives. Counsellors are equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the educational systems and are prepared to answer all of your questions.

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Top Application

EMDUNDO counsellors master all the information and the best practices needed to guide you and help you prepare a strong application file that will maximize your chances of being admitted to your chosen universities, while closely observing all requirements and deadlines.

Constant Support

You will work with a dedicated professional during the entire process of admission to international universities. Your EDMUNDO Counsellor will be next to you from the university research phase, guiding you in submitting complete and timely applications and constant support in the next steps.

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You will have access to the wider EDMUNDO community of young people who study abroad and this will allow you to find out detailed information about their international personal and academic experience and even make friends with your future university colleagues.

Get in touch with an EDMUNDO counsellor

We encourage you to contact us to find out more information about your opportunities to study abroad. We try to answer every request for information in maximum 2 working days. For meetings we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment by using the contact form or by calling us to ensure that one of our counsellors will be available at the time of your visit.