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Why You Should Study Abroad


Personal Development

Studying abroad will instantly open up new personal and professional development avenues for you as programs focus on practical applicability of academic knowledge.

Practical Study Domains

International universities are better adapted at preparing their students for a successful career path, offering practical and interesting academic programs in multiple areas of study.


Unique Experience

As an international student in a university campus abroad you will benefit from a unique multicultural experience, not only academic, but also life changing.


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Why Apply with EDMUNDO

Personalized Counseling

The whole admission process is simpler with an EDMUNDO counsellor next to you. Your counsellor will help you discover the particularities of the study programmes so that your academic experience will match your professional plans.

Top Application File

EDMUNDO Counsellors are familiar with university requirements on how your application should look like and will help you maximize your chances of admission. We will not write your personal essay because it must represent you, but we will be next to you in order to advise you throughout the entire process.

Active Community

By working with EDMUNDO you will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from your chosen university. The older students are your trustworthy friends, able to answer questions about their lives as international students, about what they study, what they do for fun, what they most like and also what they don’t like at their university.

Get in touch with an EDMUNDO counsellor

We encourage you to contact us to find out more information about your opportunities to study abroad. We try to answer every request for information in maximum 2 working days.

For meetings we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment by using the contact form or by calling us to ensure that one of our counsellors will be available at the time of your visit.