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Country Flag Germany

Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BA) Citizenship and Civic Engagement (BA) Globalization, Governance and Law (BA) Master Management Management (BA): Media Communication International Studies of Leisure and Tourism MA International Foundation Year  International Tourism Management MBA International Business (BA): Marketing International Study Program Technical and Applied Biology M.Sc. International Business (B.A.): Responsible Business Cultural Management MA (extra occupational) International Business (B.A.): Intercultural Management Management (BA): Marketing Management (BA): Event Management (B.A.): Arts and Entertainment International Master of Business Administration MBA Business Administration MBA (extra occupational) Business Management MA Business Management MA (extra occupational) Aeronautical Management M.Eng. European / Asian Management MBA Global Management MBA International Program Engineering and Applied Physics B.Sc. International Study Program Tourism Management BA International Environmental Engineering B.Sc. International degree program Economics BA International Industrial Engineering B.Eng. International Program Political Management BA International Degree Program in Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering B.Eng. Aviation system engineering and management for airport operations engineers B.Eng. International Ship Management (Nautical Sciences) B.Sc. Aviation System Engineering and Management for Air Traffic Control Engineers B.Eng.  International Study Program Shipping and Chartering BA Aviation system engineering and management for airline pilots B.Eng.  International Study Program Computer Engineering B.Sc. Aviation System Engineering and Management for Maintenance Engineers B.Eng.  International Program in Engineering and Applied Biology B.Sc. Management in trade BA International Journalism BA International Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Economic Area China B.Eng. International Media Informatics B.Sc. International Study Care B.Sc. – primary qualification European Finance and Accounting BA – APPLICATION PERIOD EXTENDED until 30.9.2019! International Study Program Nursing and Health Management BA European degree program Economics and Administration BA International Women’s Computer Science – dual B.Sc. Business Administration BA International Women’s Computer Science B.Sc. Dual degree in Business Administration BA International degree program in Applied Leisure BA International Bionics B.Sc. Dual degree in Management BA International Study Program Global Management BA Applied Business Languages ​​and International Management BA Business Administration / International Management BA

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