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Translation Studies MA Arthurian Literature MA/PGDip Creative Writing MA/PGDip English Literature MA/PGDip Literatures of Wales MA/PGDip Medieval Studies MA/PGDip Relational Design MScRes Film Studies MRes Applied Linguistics for TEFL MA Film Studies MA Bilingualism MA Filmmaking: Concept to Screen MA Language Acquisition and Development MSc Linguistics MA Creative Practice MRes Professional Writing MRes English Literature with Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) P3W5 Film Studies with Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) P3WL Media Studies with Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) CR6K Spanish and Sport Science BA (Joint Hons) R1C6 French and Sport Science BA (Joint Hons) R4N1 Spanish with Business Studies BA (Hons) R2C6 German and Sport Science BA (Joint Hons) T110 Spanish with Chinese BA (Hons) CR6H Italian and Sport Science BA (Joint Hons) R4W8 Spanish with Creative Writing BA (Hons) R4R1 Spanish with French BA (Hons) R4P5 Spanish with Journalism BA (Hons) R4N5 Spanish with Marketing BA (Hons) R4P3 Spanish with Media Studies BA (Hons) RR43 Italian and Spanish BA (Hons) WR94 Spanish and Creative Studies BA (Joint Hons) R926 Italian and Spanish with French BA (Hons) R927 Italian and Spanish with German BA (Hons) R917 French, Italian and Spanish BA (Hons) M119 Law with Spanish (European Experience) LLB (Hons) R924 German and Italian with Spanish BA (Hons) QR14 Linguistics and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) RR24 German and Spanish BA (Hons) R922 German and Spanish with French BA (Hons) R923 German and Spanish with Italian BA (Hons) R2R4 German with Spanish BA (Hons) WR34 Music and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) R925 German, Italian and Spanish BA (Hons) VVR4 Philosophy & Religion and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) RV41 History and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) R400 Spanish BA (Hons) English Language and Sociology BA (Joint Hons)
T122 Chinese and Spanish with Italian BA (Joint Hons) R1R4 French with Spanish BA (Hons) MR94 Criminology and Criminal Justice and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) R912 French, German and Spanish BA (Hons) LR14 Economics and Spanish BA (Hons) QR3K English Language and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) N1R4 Business Studies with Spanish BA (Hons) 3YT5 English Literature and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) T113 Chinese and French with Spanish BA (Joint Hons) PR34 Film Studies and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) T116 Chinese and German with Spanish BA (Joint Hons) R913 French and German with Spanish BA (Hons) T119 Chinese and Italian with Spanish BA (Joint Hons) R919 French and Italian with Spanish BA (Hons) T107 Chinese and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) RR14 French and Spanish BA (Hons) T120 Chinese and Spanish with French BA (Joint Hons) R914 French and Spanish with German BA (Hons) T121 Chinese and Spanish with German BA (Joint Hons) R915 French and Spanish with Italian BA (Hons) M930 Criminology and Criminal Justice BA (Hons) LVH2 Welsh History and Sociology BA (Joint Hons) NR34 Banking and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) NR1K Business Studies and Spanish BA (Joint Hons) B701 Health Studies (Home) BSc (Hons) LM39 Sociology and Criminology and Criminal Justice BA (Joint Hons) M1L2 Law with Politics LLB LL13 Sociology and Economics BA (Hons) M1L4 Law with Social Policy LLB (Hons) 3L3Q Sociology and English Literature BA (Joint Hons) LP33 Media Studies and Sociology BA (Joint Hons) LV31 Sociology and History BA (Joint Hons) LQ31 Sociology and Linguistics BA (Joint Hons) X315 Childhood and Youth Studies and Sociology BA (Joint Hons) CL83 Sociology and Psychology BA (Joint Hons) LM49 Social Policy and Criminology & Criminal Justice BA (Hons) LL14 Social Policy and Economics BA (Hons) CL84 Social Policy and Psychology BA (Joint Hons) Politics BA (Hons) L202 Politics and Economics BA (Hons)

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