Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your concerns about COVID-19

How will COVID-19 impact your studies abroad

International universities accept online applications as usual. Both EDMUNDO and the international admissions teams are working hard to ensure all applications are being processed as normal. The teams are able to work remotely, so there should be minimal impact on the progress of your application.

Universities worldwide are aware that there will be a significant impact on many of our applicants’ preparation and final exam completion. International universities representatives have confirmed that academic entry criteria are likely to become more flexible and that universities will do all they can to support future students and to ensure they can progress to higher education.

In order to counteract the effects of language centres being closed worldwide, universities have adapted by offering free alternative online English testing means in order for students to be able to fulfil the universities’ English language requirements for admission to bachelor and master programmes. Similarly, you will be able to book and sit recognized English exams with your counsellor at the EDMUNDO office or even online from your home, once we resume our office activity.

It is vital to stay informed during these rapidly-changing circumstances that affect all of us, while also being proactive towards your future and education. The COVID-19 situation is temporary and even though its effects will be complex and manifold, it is the more important to keep an eye for your aademic future. Many educational facilitators have moved their activity online so try to use the time at home constructively. Here is a list of online activities for students:
Universities abroad have confirmed that the admission process is likely to become more flexible such as taking into account overall grades rather than the final exam and submitting unofficial documents as proof. Also, many universities offer the alternative to start the academic year in January 2021 and you can read more about January intake in this article:

Most international universities have reassured us of an increased flexibility regarding the required application documents and their format, such as students being able to apply without part of the documents that are normally issued by home high schools/universities or to submit unofficial transcripts/references. Official documents will however be required once the educational institutions worldwide resume their public activity.

Yes, the team is working hard in order to support our students stay focused on their future and reach the best decision even under the current circumstances. We are working from home so please book an online meeting on our Facebook page or contact us:

At the present time, no changes have been made to term dates or registration dates for the new academic year that starts September 2020. International universities have confirmed that they are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to adapt.

As universities are preparing for potential changes to the application cycle, application deadlines may also be extended so it’s important to keep in touch with your counsellor in order to be up to date with any upcoming changes and not miss any important deadlines.

There has been an ongoing shift towards the digital learning enviroment, which means that you can still attend university presentations, workshops and even a massive university fair online in order to stay informed regarding your future decisions. This period might also prove ideal to take up online courses or even to brush up your language skills. Read more about online activities for students in this article:

Working with a counsellor for your admission to studies abroad means that you are able to receive first-hand information from our network of international universities in order to stay up to date with any changes in entry requirements, key dates, application process and required documents, as well as student funding and universities’ responses and initiatives to the current rapidly-evolving situation.

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We encourage you to contact us to find out more information about your opportunities to study abroad. We try to answer every request for information in maximum 2 working days. For meetings we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment by using the contact form or by calling us to ensure that one of our counsellors will be available at the time of your visit.