Study law at an international university

Law is more than cases in a courtroom, it is something that is important in all people’s lives and it affects all the aspects of a society. Law studies were and remain one of the most important and highly appreciated study programs at universities worldwide. A lawyer performs an incredibly important job and is more […]

Study Business at an international university

Since money is the most powerful tool worldwide, Business studies are in high demand all over the world. In the UK, for example, Business is the most popular choice when it comes to applications for a study field for international students. Business programs are available at almost any university in Europe and overseas. This means […]

Types of studies in UK

Before you apply to a university in UK, it is important to know what type of qualification or diploma you are eligible for and which best suits your academic and career plans. The courses for which you will apply may differ depending on their duration, the field of study you’ve chosen, or the number of […]

Top 5 fields of study in UK

With an excellent higher-education system and hundreds of world-class universities, the UK promises a rewarding academic experience for international students. UK universities have a long and rich tradition of assembling bright minds and preparing them to become future professionals. This process is built upon many years of excellence in cutting-edge research and teaching activities, provided […]

Study Biochemistry at an international university

If you’re struggling to decide between Biology and Chemistry or you see yourself working as a scientist in a role that makes a real difference, Biochemistry may be the perfect choice for you. 1. What is Biochemistry as a science? Biochemistry, as the name suggests, is where Biology meets Chemistry: it’s the study of living […]

Study Biomedical sciences at an international university

Biomedical Science is at the heart of medical breakthroughs in healthcare. This involves anything from creating artificial muscles from cells to treat diseases and illnesses, to looking at the brain in order to understand stress and anxiety. 1. What is Biomedical Science? Biomedical scientists are  specialists in biology applied to medicine, trained to develop new […]

Study in the Netherlands

This article will help you understand the steps you need to take in order to apply at a university in the Netherlands. In addition, you will discover details about benefits, costs, methods and sources of funding, steps of application, but also about how you can spend your free time in this country. The educational system […]

How to ace your interview

Here are some tips to help you with the preparation for your admission to university interview! An admissions interview will take approx. 15/20 minutes, so breathe deeply and give them the chance to get to know you. But first of all you need to know yourself, make a list of your strengths, hobbies, things that […]

How to prepare your application to study at international universities

Annually, over 6,000 international students choose to continue their studies at abroad universities, which offer complex educational programmes, scholarships and opportunities for a successful integration in the labor market upon graduation. Get ready for university early! The admission process to international universities is often simplified for applicants, but in order to be prepared and to […]

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