Online activities for pupils and students

The current global situation urge both international universities and their current or future students to adapt to new conditions and learning environments. The participation of students in different activities held by universities abroad, however, remains a priority for all higher education institutions. In order not to cancel important meetings, presentations, workshops and other events that […]

Study in Italy

Italy is a wonderful country, which attracts millions of tourists every year, enchanting them with its tourist attractions and cuisine. From the snow-capped Dolomites in the north, to the southern Mediterranean culture, the regions of Italy are diverse and interesting. The cultural importance of the country starts from the earliest times. Here, you have the […]

University of Padova

Italy attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its magnificent cuisine and culture. From the northern Dolomites, to the southern Mediterranean Sea, the Italian regions are diverse and fascinating. For the students looking for a superior, but affordable higher education, with a wide range of social activities, Italy is the perfect study […]

Study Psychology at an international university

Have you always been fascinated about how the human mind works, how people around you feel or why they behave the way they do Or maybe you’ve always been the person everyone seeks counselling in. Then you are made for a career in Psychology. This study domain offers you great opportunities both during and after […]

Start Your Studies Abroad during the January Intake

The number of students that choose to apply at international universities abroad is growing yearly. This is one of the reasons why universities from countries like UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and even the USA created special opportunities that allow young people to start their studies abroad even after the admission process has ended, namely […]

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