How to prepare your application to study at international universities

Annually, over 6,000 international students choose to continue their studies at abroad universities, which offer complex educational programmes, scholarships and opportunities for a successful integration in the labor market upon graduation. Get ready for university early! The admission process to international universities is often simplified for applicants, but in order to be prepared and to […]

Start Your Studies Abroad during the January Intake

The number of students that choose to apply at international universities abroad is growing yearly. This is one of the reasons why universities from countries like UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and even the USA created special opportunities that allow young people to start their studies abroad even after the admission process has ended, namely […]

How to ace your interview

Here are some tips to help you with the preparation for your admission to university interview! An admissions interview will take approx. 15/20 minutes, so breathe deeply and give them the chance to get to know you. But first of all you need to know yourself, make a list of your strengths, hobbies, things that […]

Everything about English Tests – CAE, IELTS, TOEFL and their alternatives

Whether you’re considering applying to a university abroad or you want to increase your chances of being admitted to an international study programme, in this article you will find information about the most popular English language tests, recognized by all international universities: CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. Apart from comparing these three English language tests […]

Spot Admissions 2019

Spot Admissions has just ended, and we must say that all of us are really happy with the results. We want to congratulate the young people that participated this year and managed to become international students after the interviews on-the-spot results. This year, Spot Admissions maintained the tradition of inviting representatives of international universities to […]

Why Study in UK

The United Kingdom is a country with over 800 years of academic tradition and performance, well recognized anywhere in the world. This country remains a top choice among young people that dream of studying abroad. More than 500,000 international students enroll each year. UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognised by employers and academics […]

Top 10 myths about studying abroad

For any ambitious youngster, the process of choosing a university is a very important step. For those who will be studying abroad, information is essential. We try to debate and clarify 10 myths about studies abroad to give you all the correct information you need. These are taken from the experiences of Edmundo students who […]

How to finance your studies abroad

Are you dreaming of an international academic experience? Whether your dream will become reality in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark or Sweden, we are here to explain you the opportunities for funding your studies through government loans, scholarships and part-time jobs. You will also understand how this financial support is awarded both for Bachelor’s and […]

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