Study law at an international university

Law is more than cases in a courtroom, it is something that is important in all people’s lives and it affects all the aspects of a society. Law studies were and remain one of the most important and highly appreciated study programs at universities worldwide. A lawyer performs an incredibly important job and is more […]

Types of studies in UK

Before you apply to a university in UK, it is important to know what type of qualification or diploma you are eligible for and which best suits your academic and career plans. The courses for which you will apply may differ depending on their duration, the field of study you’ve chosen, or the number of […]

Why work with a counsellor to apply for studies abroad

Annually, over 6.000 students who wish to study abroad, request information from our free counselling service and annually, over 2.000 of them apply to studies abroad and over 1.000 become international students. This is the average of EDMUNDO students abroad in our over 10 years of free counselling experience. During this time, our team of […]

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We encourage you to contact us to find out more information about your opportunities to study abroad. We try to answer every request for information in maximum 2 working days. For meetings we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment by using the contact form or by calling us to ensure that one of our counsellors will be available at the time of your visit.