Study Psychology at an international university

Have you always been fascinated about how the human mind works, how people around you feel or why they behave the way they do Or maybe you’ve always been the person everyone seeks counselling in. Then you are made for a career in Psychology.

This study domain offers you great opportunities both during and after you’ve finished your studies. Find out with EDMUNDO why Psychology is a great study field.

What is Psychology as a science?

Studying psychology gives you a broader insight into the human nature as you begin to examine various types of behaviour, thoughts, emotions and, of course, relationships. Therefore, it is no surprise, that psychology students have a better understanding of themselves and people around them.

By understanding yourself and your emotions, you feel more comfortable in your own skin making it easier to communicate your feelings and thoughts to people around you. Basically, your life gets better as you connect with your inner self.

Psychology is a science divided in many branches, like:

  • Psychodynamics
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Biopsychology
  • Cross-cultural Psychology

These are just a few possible study domains that you can expect to study at an international university.

Is it worth studying Psychology?

Well, one thing is sure. Studying Psychology at university will definitely build a great foundation that can make you a successful Psychologist in the future. Not to mention that the only pathway to become one is finishing undergraduate studies in Psychology.

Basically, the university courses create a “launch” for your future specialization. But they also create a better projection in your mind about what Psychology really is.

Learning from great specialists in this domain, guarantees you a better understanding of this science.

Professors from international universities are all working in the field of study they teach, so hearing their own experience can really shape your mindset as a Psychologist.

However, theory may not be enough. The sooner you have your first hands on experience, the better. Volunteering in different projects or even getting a job, will help you make sense of the taught theory and give you valuable experience in your field of studies.

You can work as an assistant psychologist or in areas such as nursing, social work, mental health work, services for individuals with disabilities. Mentoring young offenders and work in prisons, probation or social services is, also, vital.

For educational psychology, experience of working with children in educational, childcare, or community settings is required. Also, experience in personnel or human resources, business and management is needed for those interested in occupational psychology.

Don’t worry about how to get a job during your studies. Most international universities offer you the possibility and help you apply for one. All you need to do is stay motivated!

How Psychology will develop your personal set of skills

Besides, the great “power” of understanding the human mind, Psychology can offer you a set of new skills which will benefit your future applications for many jobs:

  • written and verbal communication, including report writing and presenting
  • information technology
  • handling data and statistics
  • analytical research
  • problem solving
  • the ability to work in teams.

Your knowledge of the human behavior and motivation, the ability to critically analyse a problem, formulate a considered response, create an argument and generate new ideas, are also beneficial for careers in the creative industries, the legal sector, government administration and education.

What kind of job you can get with a degree in Psychology

More than a half of students that get a degree in Psychology from international universities get a job in their field of studies.

You can choose to specialize in one of the following fields and pursue your dream job as a:

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselling psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Forensics psychologist
  • Further education teacher
  • Health psychologist
  • High intensity therapist
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Psychological wellbeing practitioner
  • Sport and exercise psychologist

Don’t worry, your Psychology degree doesn’t help you just to get a job as a psychologist/therapist. Your skills are very needed in Marketing, Management, Human Resources and Market Research also. The main idea is that the courses from university create for you a set of skills that can get you a great number of jobs.

In which countries you can study Psychology

EDMUNDO can help you apply for Psychology degrees at bachelor and master level at universities from the UK, the Netherlands and Italy and the entire counselling process is free of charge.

All these countries are great study destinations for young people. Also, after getting a Bachelor’s degree you have the chance to continue your studies with Master courses in these countries or even in your home country.

International universities offer a great variety of study programs in the Psychology area. They also offer opportunities both during and after finishing your studies like summer courses that help you improve your skills, internships or even jobs.

Want to find out how you can study Psychology abroad? Contact us and we can offer you free counseling! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about studying at international universities and how the admissions process works. Also, our counsellors can help you for free to apply at the university that best suits you!

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