Start Your Studies Abroad during the January Intake

The number of students that choose to apply at international universities abroad is growing yearly.

This is one of the reasons why universities from countries like UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and even the USA created special opportunities that allow young people to start their studies abroad even after the admission process has ended, namely to begin their studies in each January of the academic year instead of having to wait until September.

Why should I study abroad?

One of the main reasons why young people choose to apply at an international university is the quality of teaching and the great variety of study programmes from which they can choose.

Every year, universities invest great amount of money in research, study equipments and rent rooms facilities so their students have everything they’d need to become great specialists in their field of studies.

What can I study?

There are universities that can offer up to 150 English-taught study programmes so, basically, abroad you can study almost anything, from Economics and Law to Aerospace Engineering and Modern Biochemistry. International universities offer you great study programmes which can best suit your needs. 

How can I afford it?

Countries like UK and The Netherlands offer you the possibility to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan that covers your tuition fees entirely. Not to mention that during your study years you can also obtain a scholarship that can help you cover some of your rent or living costs, while working part time si also highly encouraged among students at international universities.

What is January Intake?

Normally, courses at universities abroad start in August or September. January Intake is, basically, an opportunity for young people to apply to their favourite university abroad and start their courses after September, without waiting another full year. Good news is that January Intake is available for both Master and Bachelor studies!

All international universities have a first round of applications deadlines. In case you are really determinated to study abroad and all your application files are ready for this process, we recommend you apply until these deadlines:

  • UK [15th of January]
  • The Netherlands [1st of May]
  • Denmark [1st of March]

However, if you missed these dates, these countries let you start some study programmes in January, after the admissions process is over.

In case you missed the first deadline because you haven’t gotten your English International Test yet or because your weren’t accepted or maybe because you simply didn’t want to apply to an international university until your studies are over, EDMUNDO can help you apply for free again!

The deadlines for sending your application for January Intake depend from university to university, so make sure you ask your EDMUNDO counsellor which deadline your university has in order to have time to prepare.

What study programmes are available for January Intake?

Unfortunately, not all the study programmes are available for January Intake, but there is still a wide selection of Bachelor or Master programmes for which you can apply, such as:

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Tourism
  • Psychology
  • Sciences
  • Art & Design

To check if the study programme you are interested in is available for January Intake, you can contact us here.

Don’t forget! EDMUNDO counsellors can help you re-apply for free at your favourite international university.

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