Most popular subjects for university studies. Trends in the educational offer

EDMUNDO’s international partner universities are continuously preoccupied about correlating their educational offers with the current requirements of the labour market. The educational market and the labour market are directly linked, and this is very well understood by higher education institutions abroad. Universities provide the background that helps students develop the abilities needed in their professional life.

  1. How to choose your university studies
  2. Passions should be followed with pragmatism
  3. Criteria for assessing areas of study
  4. Computer science graduates find jobs rapidly
  5. Technical studies are appreciated
  6. The world needs communicators
  7. Psychology – A field of studies always interesting
  8. Studies for skills’ development

1. How to choose your university studies

The choice of an undergraduate programme should be done based on information that provides a truly realistic perspective of the future. A more often used indicator refers to the graduate employability rates. Thus, many British universities boast high percentages, over 95% employability rates among graduates in the first year after obtaining the bachelor’s degree. The areas students can choose from at undergraduate level are varied, with countless subspecialisations for each field of study.

2. Passion should be followed with practicality

Undergraduate studies should be chosen among the best-ranked ones offered in the educational market, but also depending on your passions. In this choice, young people must not be influenced by the options of friends, colleagues or based on the contents they find easier to assimilate. Many of the counsellors and recruitment specialists believe that passion is needed in order to learn faster, but flexibility and pragmatism are also necessary. There are many sub-domains that can be connected so that you can always fuel your drive. Think about the things you love doing and discuss with a counsellor about what you are good at. Should you still encounter difficulties in choosing the field of study that you would like to pursue as a career, you can reach out to our partners ORIENTUM, who are specialized and highly experienced in career counselling.

3. Criteria for assessing areas of study

Publications specialised in the assessment of higher education quality set out each year the best undergraduate areas that young people can access. The evaluation is based on the research of professional perspectives in the labour market, graduates’ income and the popularity of a particular area in a set timeframe. In the list of EDMUNDO universities, you will find many universities listed among the best at a national or international level. By undertaking a basic research, you will discover all the worldwide or national prizes that these institutions have gained.

For 2019, the areas of popular interest have been very diverse: from IT, Biomedical Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Economics to programmes from the field of Communication Sciences, Psychology or Fine Arts.

4. Computer graduates find jobs rapidly

Computer science-related study programmes have been for many years in the top of the most wanted areas of study. These programmes, regardless whether we are talking about bachelor or master level no longer consist only of the assimilation of the detailed knowledge of the computer, the hardware and software part. They now enable students to learn programming or create from scratch various apps. The way they can be incorporated into different business or industrial domains is fascinating now, in the era of technology. Also gaining in popularity are Robotics and the interactions developed by Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Analysis, Data Science and Gaming Technology. For those with mathematical inclinations, the offer of EDMUNDO Universities  is varied, and the counsellors can help you choose the most appropriate option.

5. Technical studies are appreciated

Engineering fields are sought after in the labour market. Young people who have industrial engineering studies can find employment in many areas. They will be prepared for the development of production systems or can work in the oil, food or pharmaceutical industry. They can also pursue a career in research in one of the constantly developing areas. In the world-wide rankings, young people trained in these technical fields have the highest salaries obtained at the first job they undertake immediately after graduation. Several EDMUNDO partner universities in Great Britain, but also from Sweden, offer undergraduate studies in Engineering fields. You can talk to an EDMUNDO counsellor about them, or you can inform yourself about these opportunities from our website.

6. The world needs communicators

One of the most important bachelor’s areas aimed especially at young people with inclinations towards humanities is Communication. The world we live in is always on the move and the information must be delivered correctly and in a professional manner. Communication specialists have become indispensable. Universities abroad offer modern courses that will help you decipher messages that speakers or communicators want to deliver, even if they are not always formulated transparently.

Young people who will attend studies in this area have a multitude of career options: in Business, Advertising, Human Resources, Public Relations, Administration, Media and Social Services.

7. Psychology – A field of studies always interesting

Psychology is one of the highly appreciated bachelor’s areas as it can be applied in many social and economic areas. Psychology graduates can focus on the study of the human behaviour, but also on methods that can be used to develop therapies or behavioural patterns.

In the labour market, you will be able to find in many institutions job positions such as psychologist, therapist, counsellor or child development specialist. If you feel attracted to this area, you can ask EDMUNDO counsellors for the educational offers of the international universities in this undergraduate area and you can read more about studying Psychology abroad in this blog article.

8. Studies for skills development

Choosing a bachelor’s programme in these domains does not automatically guarantee finding a job, but the chances of building a successful professional career are increased, as skills will be developed in the study years. This will make you integrate easier in the workplace. Universities abroad emphasize the importance of practical learning and development the of hard and soft skills necessary in finding employment as early as possible, even during the years of study.

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