January 15th: the UCAS deadline to apply to Bachelor studies in Great Britain

Do you want to study abroad at a top university that offers a great variety of study programs, in a multicultural environment and have chosen UK as your destination?

You can significantly increase your chances of admission with the help of a counsellor from our team. An EDMUNDO counsellor can provide you with all the necessary information about partner universities, available funding programs and various career opportunities after graduation.

However, don’t forget that the official UK admissions deadline for Bachelor programmes is January 15th, 2020!

No need to panic though, EDMUNDO – the best counsellor for young people who wish to study abroad – will be with you to explain all the steps you need to follow in order to apply for a Bachelor in the UK through the UCAS platform.

What is UCAS?

All Bachelor applications to UK universities are sent through the UCAS platform – the UK centralized admissions system.

UCAS allows you to apply to up to 5 universities: you must correctly fill out all the sections, upload your personal essay and reference letter aided by your EDMUNDO counsellor and then submit the application before the UCAS deadline, in order to receive timely answers from all your universities.

If you would like an EDMUNDO counsellor to aid you in the entire process of applying through the UCAS platform, you should mention this by using EDMUNDO2020 as a Buzzword when you register on UCAS.

UK University Criteria

In addition to filling out the UCAS platform, the application to UK universities also involves writing a personal statement and obtaining a reference letter from a teacher. Later on in the process, obtaining a good grade in your final high school exam and a high score in an English language test (CAE, IELTS, TOEFL) can add an edge to your application.

Before you apply, it’s good to know the criteria that universities will consider:

  • The quality of your academic background;
  • The content of the personal essay, which must illustrate your passion for the chosen field of study, your motivation and skills that will help you within the chosen Bachelor’s programme, as well as a positive attitude towards the educational process and a keen interest for personal development;
  • The quality of the recommendation letter;
  • Your ability to express written ideas correctly and coherently;

The application process is explained and made simple by your counsellor who will assist you throughout the entire process with suggestions and feedback on your personal statement and reference letter (which you can request from a close teacher who appreciates you).

Studies in the UK in the context of BREXIT

The British Government has assured EU citizens who will become UK students in 2020 that the governmental Tuition Fee Loan is guaranteed throughout the entire length of their studies. It fully covers the entire amount of the tuition fee, which is £9,250.

Read here more about costs, scholarships, part time jobs and the 75+ British universities for which we can offer free counselling in the admissions process.

Why you should apply with EDMUNDO

It’s easy: EDMUNDO is the best counsellor for young people who wish to study abroad!

  • EDMUNDO is the largest UCAS centre in the EEC;
  • Over half of UK universities work with EDMUNDO;
  • More than 1,000 students go to studies abroad with EDMUNDO every year;

What do young people who have studied abroad with EDMUNDO say?

“It’s great to be an international student, you have many more opportunities and the entire environment (professors / colleagues / courses) is amazing, it helps you understand that you can do anything if you work hard. Even if it’s difficult at first, it’s worth it. Thanks EDMUNDO for everything! “

(Maria Moldovan – Coventry University)

Don’t stop dreaming but start acting! Get in touch with an EDMUNDO counsellor and embark on an international adventure that will change your life.

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