Interesting facts about studying in the UK

Without any doubt, UK is the most popular destination when it comes to studying abroad. This country offers young people the opportunity to study a wide variety of programs, each adapted to the latest needs of society and of the industry.

Also, in UK, you’ll have a bigger chance to become a specialist in the study field you followed during your Bachelor/Master years. According to national and worldwide rankings, British universities have an employment rate of over 90% of its graduates, which means they are in employment or further study within 6 months of graduation.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll present you a few key interesting facts about student life in the UK.

  1. The number of international students is growing yearly

Young people understood the importance of education, therefore they want to pursue higher education in fields such as Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Arts, Music and many more at the best universities in Europe. According to global rankings, UK boasts most of these universities, so no wonder that more and more young people apply to studies here.

  1. Over 2 million students in the UK

As we said above, the numbers are growing yearly. Now, 1 in 20 people from the UK is a student. These numbers reshape the country, because presently the focus is being laid more and more on students’ needs. You can become a student in UK too and we can help you find out more about this here.

  1. Not as expensive as you may think

The UK may sound expensive, especially when you think about great cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham etc. However, there are cities in the country that have been known to be the most affordable student cities, some which are Portsmouth, Newcastle, Nottingham, Middlesbrough and others. You can enjoy studying at the universities there, without thinking about saving money all the time.

  1. Dreaming of becoming a specialist in a less traditional field?…

…Then the UK may be your dream land as it offers the widest variety of courses and specializations from Aerospace Engineering to Marine Biology, Dramatherapy, Naval Management, Forensics and many more. You can learn more about the course lists of universities depending on your chosen field of study by contacting us here.

  1. Tuition Fee Loans for students

For bachelor studies the entire costs of tuition in the UK are fully covered by the governmental loan granted by the British Government. Master students also get a helping hand, the postgraduate loan of 11.222 pounds being in place. Both of them are repaid only after graduation and only depending on the student’s salary upon employment. Your EDMUNDO Counsellor will help you understand all the details while also aiding you in sending eligible applications within the deadline.

  1. Courses starting in January

Did you miss the chance to start your semester in September or October? Perhaps you didn’t receive your diploma in time or were simply undecided if to study abroad. What is less known is that apart from September, students can also start their bachelor or master courses in January, without having to wait a whole year! January Intake is therefore an opportunity for students to apply to their chosen international university and start their courses late January or early February. You can read more about this type of intake here.

  1. London calling

Despite the high prices when it comes to accommodation, many international students choose London as the city in which they want to study, and it is repeatedly dubbed the best student city in the world (QS Best Student Cities 2019). For sure London is the most dynamic city in the UK and young people have great opportunities when it comes to jobs and internships, as well as to social and cultural activities

  1. National online admission system

Thanks to the online application platform, UCAS, students can send their application online to a maximum of 5 British universities without having to send any posted documents. The only documents required to send a successful UCAS application are a reference letter from a professor and a personal statement, which your EDMUNDO counsellor can help you with by offering you guidelines and feedback.

Read more about UCAS and the admission process to British universities in this blog article.

  1. English tests made accessible

Many British universities accept other English tests in lieu of the international ones such as IELTS, CAE or TOEFL and most of the tests are free of charge and can be taken at one of our EDMUNDO offices in Romania or Greece. What is more, quite a few universities now accept the English subject at the Baccalaureate/Apolytirion (with a specific grade). Read more about the English tests and their alternatives here or your counsellor can help you decide what English test you should take and when is the best time to start preparing.

EDMUNDO counsellors can help you apply for studies in the UK and the entire counselling process is free of charge as EDMUNDO officially represents more than 70% of the British universities in Romania and Greece. However, you need to hurry up as the DEADLINE for applications is the 15th of January 2020!

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