How to maximize your chances of being accepted at an international university

If you have decided to apply for studies abroad, you have certainly asked yourself what are the steps that you need to follow and how to prepare your application. This article comes to your help with a competitive edge that you can might have over other candidates when you want to study at an international university. These tips are provided by our educational counsellors, with an experience of over 5,000 counselled students annually for more than 10 years.

Relevant extracurricular activities

We see a growing number of students devoting a substantial part of their time to extracurricular activities. However, it is not so much the number of hours that count, but the relevance of the work. Try not to “chase” diplomas and an endless list of activities. Instead, focus on the skills that you are offered through the activities you undertake in the project. Ideal are those activities that relate to the field in which you want to pursue your studies and that help you develop skills to prove that you are committed to applying to a field of study that motivates you.

This type of activity can add a big plus in the eyes of those who analyze your application, in addition to the learning outcomes you achieved during the years of study.

Constant English language practice

The language of teaching in most international universities is English. So, we recommend that you perfect your language skills as soon as the beginning of high school. Not just because English is the most widely spoken European language, but also because it will maximize your chances to pass the language tests [CAE, IELTS, TOEFL] required by international universities. You can read all the details and an extensive comparison about the language tests here.

The level of English required varies from university to university, but the more advanced you are, the more you increase your chances of being admitted to a study programme abroad.

Do not worry if you do not yet hold a good level of English, you can also study up to the last moment because some international universities also accept the English component in the final exam or you can send the results of the English test by the end of August.

However, we do not recommend postponing the intensive study of the English language, as this will definitely also increase your chances in finding a part-time job if you are interested in also working during your studies.


Observe the application deadline

First things first, research or ask your EDMUNDO counsellor what the deadline is for submitting the application in the country and at the university/ies where you want to study. Do not postpone the application for the last moment or the last month because you may have problems or questions you have not responded to and can cause delays in sending the application.

The sooner you apply, the better. Not only will you feel more at ease, but you will be sure that you will not miss the application deadline, which gives you a greater chance of being admitted and you will have time to prepare for the next steps.

These are the general university application, by country:

Country The UK The Netherlands Denmark
Deadline 15th of January
30th of July
1st of May 
15th of March 
1st of March

Prove your motivation for the chosen field of study

Heads up!

Perhaps the most important criterion is convincing the university that you really want to study the programme you applied to. That you are passionate and directly interested in that specific field.

The more motivated you are to become a student in that field, and at that university, the higher your chances of being admitted. Depending on the university requirements, motivation can be shown through a personal story, examples of extracurricular activities in the field, a portfolio, internships, self-study or any action taken in order to gain new information about what you are going to study.

Be decided, firm in your choice and you will succeed!


Contact an educational counsellor

The chances of having a very good application file increase if you are counselled by a person who is an expert in counselling students with the admission process according to their desired destination.

An EDMUNDO counsellor can give you details about what documents the application file should contain about the specific entry requirements and deadlines, the cost of studies, how to access student financial support, and how you can contact other students who have applied to the same university as you. All of this is entirely free of charge within our counselling service and you can read about it here.

If you want to get in touch with a counsellor in order to answer any questions you might have about studies abroad, we invite you to write to us here.

Get in touch with an EDMUNDO counsellor

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