How to ace your interview

Here are some tips to help you with the preparation for your admission to university interview!

An admissions interview will take approx. 15/20 minutes, so breathe deeply and give them the chance to get to know you. But first of all you need to know yourself, make a list of your strengths, hobbies, things that inspire you, your passions, life and academic experiences, or anything else that represents you.

Read as much as possible about the chosen course and the University. Tell them what impressed you about the modules, teaching techniques, why you want to go there, what you’ve learnt so far and what you’d like to discover.

Show the university that you have researched enough and that you are determined to study at their university.

Speaking of which, what is your motivation to study at the chosen university and why did you choose the profile for which you applied? These are two questions to which you should have a clear answer. Reread your personal statement, be sure what you wrote. Make a clear discourse in mind: why did you choose the program you chose, why did you apply there and why did you choose their university? Be honest, determined and try to convince them of your passion.

Try to come up with specific answers to your questions. If you are asked about extracurricular activities then you should have in mind exactly what you did and how these activities helped you. Do you remember the personal statement? The same structure you should have in mind. For each activity done or mentioned you should have the arguments prepared. It shows that you are exactly the candidate they have seen on the paper, and prove that you deserve indeed to be interviewed.

If you are nervous, take a few seconds before answering the question, inhale and exhale deeply and then formulate a coherent response. You do not need to deliver a response in the first second after you have been asked the question, but you must provide a consistent and trustworthy response.

Speak with passion. The most important thing is that they see that you are passionate about the field you applied for, that you have the information about the university and study programme, that you really want to study and live in that country and that you already thought to aspects such as the financial side. Focus, breathe deeply and speak from the heart.

Most likely, the university will give you the chance to ask them questions to the end of the interview. It is always good to ask at least one question / two to express interest. Come prepared with 2/3 of the maximum questions you can ask. Make sure you do not ask questions that you find clearly on the site, show them that you have done your research but want to find out more about them. Think about questions about employabilty, accommodation, university life, classes, professors, or anything else you might be interested in.

Fingers crossed, tell your EDMUNDO Counsellor how it went!

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