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Do you want to study abroad at a top university in the UK with top-ranked study programs, in a multicultural environment?

You can significantly increase your chances of admission with the help of a counsellor from our team. EDMUNDO counsellors can provide you all the necessary information about universities, the available funding options and the multiple career opportunities that are waiting for you after graduation. The entire counselling process is free of charge EDMUNDO – the best counsellor for young people who want to study abroad – is here to explain all the steps you need to take to apply to universities in UK through the UCAS platform.

Why study in the UK

High quality education

The UK has invested heavily in its higher education systems. Therefore, the academic institutions here have well-trained, motivated and experienced teachers. They also offer modern facilities and materials and, perhaps, most important, they make ongoing efforts to improve the academic process and the conditions offered to their students.

International certification of skills

Your CV will have a competitive advantage over other applicants for the future jobs –   international studies diploma, as well as internship opportunities in the studied area (many universities offer internships in partner companies, to attract new employees).

Professional development

The studies in an international program and the diplomas obtained can offer direct access to the best opportunities available on a global labor market. Moreover, most study programs are built to develop skills that can be put into immediate practice, greatly reducing the time required to adapt to your first job after graduation.

Cultural experiences

The years spent studying in another country greatly enrich the personal and professional horizons of each person. Not only will you interact with colleagues from cultures that are totally different from your own, but you will be able to create other values ​​that will shape your future in a positive way.

Personal Development

You will be able to observe a rapid development through the process of adapting to the needs of another society, by taking individual academic, personal or financial responsibilities and through the efforts of communicating in a foreign language ​​with people from other cultures.

More reasons why UK is the best destination for undergraduated studies:

  • Most of the best universities worldwide are in the UK;
  • EDMUNDO has a partnership with more than half of all the UK universities;
  • The British government offers a government student loan to all EU students accepted to a British university, which fully covers the tuition fee and which you only need to return based on your income after graduation;
  • Ability to work part-time and earn extra money, while also receive the Maintenance Loan for working students;
  • Internships that cultivate practical skills can be accessed during Bachelor and Master studies;
  • The possibility of receiving scholarships for outstanding academic results;
  • The YEAR ABROAD program, which allows you to study for a year at a different university in Europe or in the world;
  • Student organizations that provide help and information to anyone;
  • International recognition of the qualifications obtained from studying at one of the British universities
  • Access to the latest technologies and equipment;
  • Professional support for students, at the highest level;
  • Access to free health services;
  • Discounts for shopping and transport access through the membership of the National Union of Students; 

What should I study in the UK?

When it comes to studying abroad, there is a wide range of diplomas / programs that universities make available to students and the best choice depends on what you want. When applying to a British university for undergraduated studies, you can choose:

  • “Foundation Year” diplomas – 1-year courses focusing on improving the academic level for applicants with lower final grades. The progression from the Foundation to the Bachelor is made automatically.
  • Bachelor’s degree studies – courses that last 3-4 years which ensure progression for post-graduate studies and may include one year of internship;
  • Combined/Dual honors degrees – bachelor degrees with double specialization in different fields
  • Integrated Master degrees – lasting for 4 years and offering a Master diploma at graduation in a great variety of specializations

What is UCAS?

Applications at UK universities are possible through the UCAS platform – the general admission service to UK universities.

It allows you to apply to maximum 5 universities. The steps you need to take during the admission process through this platform are:

  • you must correctly complete all the sections online;
  • upload your personal essay;
  • upload your letter of recommendation with the help of your EDMUNDO advisor;
  • send the application as soon as possible but no later than the deadline [15th of January]to receive answers from all the universities you have applied to.

What you need to prepare in order to apply at a British university

Applying to UK universities also involves writing a personal essay and obtaining a letter of recommendation from a teacher. In addition, getting a good score on your highschool exam and a satisfactory score in an English tests (CAE, IELTS, TOEFL or other equivalent test – as your EDMUNDO counsellor) are required in order to gain admission.

Before applying, you should be familiar with the criteria that universities will follow in order to welcome you:

  • The quality of your academic profile;
  • The content of the personal essay that should illustrate your knowledge and passion for the chosen field of study, your motivation and skills that will help you in the chosen university program, as well as the positive attitude towards the educational process and the desire for personal development;
  • The quality of the letter of recommendation;
  • Ability to express yourself correctly in English and articulate in writing;

Free admission advice from the EDMUNDO counsellors

The application process is simple via de UCAS platform and you can benefit from the fact that an EDMUNDO counsellor can assist you for free throughout the entire application process. The counsellor will give you instructions on how to write your personal essay, guidelines for the letter of recommendation and assistance in deciding what English test is more appropiate for your chosen universities

EDMUNDO can help you apply for free at studies in the UK! The steps prior to your admission are very simple. All you have to do is complete your online application on UCAS and prepare only two documents > a personal essay and a letter of recommendation.

The EDMUNDO counsellors are here to hep you during the writing and editing of the essay and to guide you in the application process.

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